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19th ANNUAL  |  MAY 18th, 2024  |  HARRIMAN STATE PARK, NY


19th ANNUAL!

The HarryMan provides some of the best endurance challenges for the multi-sport athlete, and offers both "Half" Long Distance and Olympic distance events. HarryMan is one of the most challenging early-season courses in the North East, and the perfect line up for Placid or Mid summer long distance events! 



May 18th, 2024

Lake Welch Beach in Harriman State Park, one weekend before Memorial Day weekend, serves as a perfect location before the park gets busy with summer visitors! The Half starts at 9am and the Olympic at 10:30am. 



A small but top notch event. A great mix of returning seasoned athletes and first time racers. The water will be cold, the hills challenging and the post race food hot. 

The Half distances are 1.2M, 56.1M, and 13.1M. The Olympic distances are 0.6M, 28.3M, 6.2M.



Lake Welch Beach, Harriman State Park, NY - Google Map Pin

Only 30 miles from New York City, Harriman State Park’s scenic beauty and hilly terrain will make you feel like you’re in the Adirondacks.


Register for 2024! 

Register now: RACE ROSTER 

Price Increases on Feb 1 and April 1. Email us to inquire about club pricing! 



Interactive course maps including gpx and elevation profiles can be found here: Plotaroute HarryMan Collection. Click on the "Menu" option on the top right to view elevation and course stats. 



The event has exclusive use of the lake on race day! There will be 15 minutes of swim warmup before each race distance starts. The swim starts on the sandy beach of Lake Welch. The water temperatures range from 54 – 66 degrees. The swim course will be a 0.6 mile triangle marked with large orange buoys. The Half Distance will circle the course two times clockwise – keeping the buoys on your right. The Olympic Distance will circle the course one time. When you exit the water you will have a run up the beach to the Transition Area.

Foot-washing bins will be placed en-route to wash sand off your feet. Follow signs into the transition area. When you cross the timing mat at TA1 your swim time will end. After you complete your transition to the bike, you will exit the transition area out the opposite side from where you entered. We cannot have over 150 racers start at a time – so we will wave starts of approximately 80-100 people per wave. You will receive your wave assignments on event day.



A classic gorgeous, yet challenging 14 mile loop of Harriman State Park. You will exit Lake Welch Parking Lot bear to your right onto Lake Welch Drive. Bear to the right once again to descend the long downhill. SLOW DOWN completely at the bottom to make hairpin turn and then bear right to ascend Tiorati Brook Rd. At the end of the road, carefully go 3/4 of the way around Tiorati Circle and head south on Seven Lakes Drive. Straight through Kanauwake Circle and take the U-turn, followed by a right turn at Lake Welch to bring you past the Bike Aid Station and then to the end of the loop. You do not need to return to the main event area (transition area) in between laps. Once you've completely all your laps you will bear right to head to the Transition Area. The “Bike End” location is the same as the “Start Bike” location. Put your bike on the rack and exit TA2 on the opposite end to start your run. The Bike Aid station is located at the end of each lap near the entrance to Lake Welch Beach parking lot. There is a drop zone just prior and immediately after the Aid Station. This is the only area where you are permitted to discard your used water bottles. You can also pick up a new water bottle and electrolyte at this location. We will have nutrition available as well. 



As you exit TA 2 follow the cones along the beach path. Signs, cones and arrows will lead you along the beach to the paved west entrance road. Crossing Rt 106 (marshal onsite) you will continue onto St John Rd. (*newly made into a gravel road). At the end of St John's you will turn left to run the shoulder of Lake Welch Drive. USE CAUTION and run on the shoulder or grass, as you will have approaching cyclists and cars. Complete your turnaround at the aid station along Lake Welch Drive and head back to the transition area. Cones will line the entire run course. There will be run aid stations approximately every 1.5 – 2.0 miles on the run courses. Aid stations will have water, electrolyte, assorted gels, energy chews, soda, savory snacks, sweet snacks, fruit, broth and more! 



  • Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • All participants must either be a current USAT Member ($50/year) or purchase a one-day USAT license ($15) during registration process or on event day.

  • You must be at least 16 years old to participate in the Olympic event, and you must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Half event.

  • Registration closes at 11:59pm on 5/15/2024 if it doesn’t sell out first!

  • No pets or alcohol at Lake Welch

  • NO headphones may be used on the course

  • See here for full list of USAT Rules.



Emergency medical standby, Lifeguards, and trained staff will be present at all times during the course. Along the route you will have staff and volunteers tracking progress to ensure your safety as well. On the bike course you'll be assisted by Bicycle Support By Mark. One of the best in the business, Mark will be on-site prior to the race for any last minute fixes. Starting around 9:30am, the support team will be mobile on the course until all cyclists are clear of the bicycle course.



Our events are not possible without the support of our team! If you're interested in joining the team to help out please email Volunteering can earn free race entries or donations to your fund-raising efforts with a local non-profit, athletic team, school etc. 




7:00AM: Packet pickup & transition area opens for both events, body marking begins

8:30AM: Packet pickup ends for HALF distance

8:40AM: Race Director brief for HALF distance (in transition area) 

8:45AM: HALF transition closes (OLY transition remains open) HALF swim warm up begins

9:00AM: HALF start (only 1 wave)

10:00AM: Packet pickup for end for OLY distance

10:10AM: Race Director brief for OLY distance (in transition area) 

10:15AM: OLY transition closes, OLY swim warm up begins

10:30AM: OLY start (1st wave)

10:33AM: OLY start (2nd wave)

10:36AM: OLY start (3rd wave)

~2:45PM: Awards ceremony begins with OLY awards

3:30PM: HALF Cutoff (TA2,run start) 

5:30PM: Race course closed



All finishers will receive a finishers medal. Custom designed awards will be awarded 3 deep in each division for each event. The top 3 overall winners & special category winners will receive their respective awards and will be ineligible for age groups awards (no double awards). If you miss the awards ceremony, let us know and we can ship your award to you at cost of shipping! 


  • <24yrs

  • 25-29yrs

  • 30-34yrs

  • 35-39yrs

  • 40-44yrs

  • 45-49yrs

  • 50-54yrs

  • 55-59yrs

  • 60-64+

  • 65+ (Additional Age Categories added based on registrant ages)

  • Clydesdale

  • Athena

  • Relay Teams



Photos will be done by the our good friend Ron at Goat Factory Media. He captures the event and racer experience like noone else can. We're excited to have him back! 2024 HarryMan Gallery. Timing will be provided by local and long time NY organization, Super Race Systems. Justin and his team will work to dial in your exact results. You will be provided with a timing chip at race day check-in. The chip is worn around your ankle with the provided Velcro strap throughout the event. You will pass over timing mats as you enter and exit the transition area and at the finish line. Each discipline as well as transition splits will be timed. 2024 HarryMan Results.

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